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What Is “SEO” and Why Should You Care?

23 Dec What Is “SEO” and Why Should You Care?

If you’re reading this, you most likely you fit into one of these two groups – either:

a) you have no idea what SEO stands for

b) you have a preliminary understanding of what SEO is but are overwhelmed by all the self-proclaimed experts and know-it-alls that are flooding the industry

Whichever group you fit into, if you’re an entrepreneur with a website or preparing to get one, you need to know what SEO is and how it can make your business more money.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Best SEO

Have you ever went on your computer or phone and searched for the nearest restaurants at lunch, or the number for a taxi at 12am, or to ask a sensitive question you’d rather not ask a friend? If so, then you’ve used a search engine and you know how valuable they are! Gone are the days of looking through a phonebook; now that phonebook is replaced by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Have you ever wondered why certain businesses show up at the top of the results when you search for say, a chiropractor or a dentist in your town? The simple answer is because those sites are the most optimized for search engines, either through use of the best SEO techniques or simply a lack of any competition.

Depending on the locale you live in, competition for the top spots in the search rankings can be fierce. In a highly competitive area such as Toronto, almost every modern entrepreneur is utilizing some form of local SEO to improve their ROI.

Will Local SEO Really Help Me Earn More Money?

Can SEO Make You More Money?

So, Google says you’re the top plumber in Toronto? Why do we care? You might not right now, but who do you think you’ll be calling when your toilet explodes in the middle of the night, #1 ranked plumber or #50?

Let’s give an example of how valuable those top rankings are: Research has shown that upwards of 75% of people won’t go past page one of the search results. Using that number, let’s imagine that 1000 people a month are searching for your specific service in your area, and you’re on page two.

If 75% of searchers aren’t going past page one, then you’re already down to 250 people by page two. Imagine if your website is ranking even worse than page two! How many potential customers will you be losing out on by page three, four, or five?

You can be the top dog on Google or you can be the mutt that no one knows about, but there’s a lot more money for those at the top!

Is SEO the Answer to All Your Problems? 

Is SEO The Answer To All Your Problems?

Short answer: no, it’s not. If someone pitches you SEO as the end-all and be-all of digital marketing, you have legitimate reason to be suspicious.

To illustrate: does putting a billboard up in a prime location guarantee you a successful marketing campaign? No, because there’s enough advertising out there that it has to actually be good, and if your billboard is only okay then your competitor’s down the road is probably better.

The point is that helping people find your website is useless if your website sucks! Even if your website looks good, is it encouraging consumer action? If your website isn’t getting you leads or sales, then what good is it?

Besides local SEO other necessary tactics include responsive web design, conversion optimized content, social media engagement, and the list goes on! A successful digital strategy incorporates SEO as one part of the plan, not the whole plan, but when all of these pieces get put together: magic happens.


If you only take one thing away from this article, let it be this: SEO isn’t the solution to all your woes, but it is an immensely valuable piece of the puzzle.  It can be highly effective at getting your business more customers if it’s utilized properly, and when paired with topnotch design and marketing then the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned for our next post which explains what else you need  in a successful digital marketing plan!

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