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SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

We come up with an SEO strategy designed to supercharge your website rankings and maximize your ROI.

Technical SEO Website Audit:

  • Analysis of on-page SEO, including content, meta descriptions, titles, breadcrumbs, images and internal linking
  • Off-page SEO audit and analysis, anchor text distribution, backlink page and domain authority distribution, low quality backlink, severity and risks of any current back linking problems
  • Analysis of Robots.txt and other robot behaviour controls, error handling, sitemaps, canonicalization of content, page load speed and indexability
  • Site structure analysis

Competition Analysis

In the most fundamental sense, SEO is about beating your competition. In order to get a gage of how to do that, we must analyze where your business ranks in respect to your competition. This is Competition Analysis, and it is the second step in the process.

The Result

  • Domain Authority Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Backlink Building
  • Social Media Development
  • Page Rank Building
  • Local SEO Profile